What To Serve With Zucchini Pancakes?

Oh, honey, where were you when we had the great zucchini harvest of ’07 in my garden? I’m pretty sure my zucchini plants were secretly mutants because I had enough to host an all-you-can-eat zucchini fest. Well, embracing the windfall, this was the time that I truly honed my zucchini pancake superbness.

But pancakes are just the opening act. It’s the “what to serve with it” number that really wraps up the show. So grab those spectacular sunnies, dear reader, because we’re about to be dazzled with awesome, quirky, and simple-to-make side dish ideas.

The Combo of Cool Cucumbers and Tangy Tzatziki

Oh, darling, it’s like a culinary match made in heaven. If I had to compare it, I’d say it’s like the Beyoncé and Jay-Z of the food world. Why, do you ask? Well, it’s simple: the cool freshness of cucumber salsa, with its crunchy texture, is the perfect foil for the pancake’s crispness.

Then here comes the Tzatziki—the yin to its yang, adding that much needed zesty tang that cuts through the pancake’s mellow undertones. It’s like a never-ending dance of flavors, and let me tell ya, your taste buds are going to want encores.

The Classic Pancake Partner: Maple Syrup

I know, I hear you shouting at me: “Eva, syrup? On zucchini pancakes? Are you okay?” Well, darling, I might be a few pancakes short of a stack, but I haven’t lost my marbles (yet!). The maple syrup just brings out that subtle sweetness in the zucchini, making it taste like you’re indulging in a tree-tapped miracle. It’s love,

Canadian style. I mean, who can resist the rustic charm of a drizzle of maple syrup over a pile of crispy, lush-green pancakes?

Add an Egg… or Two

Alright, think about a drizzling summer sunrise. Now think about a perfectly fried egg (or two) crowning your stack of zucchini pancakes. Beautiful, isn’t it? It’s like your pancakes are the sun-soaked fields, and here come your eggs – that golden sunrise making everything even more magical. That warm, runny yolk mixing with the flavors of your pancake… Now, that’s a sunrise worth waking up for, even if you’d just crawled into bed after a late-night Netflix binge.

Delightful Dips

Imagine a pancake as a diva. Even for an amicable zucchini pancake, they need the perfect ‘backing vocalist’ to help them shine brighter. And for me, that backing vocalist has always been a delightful dip!

My dips include a range of offbeat partners like hummus, guacamole, and even our homely ketchup! It is that unexpected ‘Oomph!’, the very element that takes our timid zucchini pancake from the ‘girl-next-door’ to ‘red-carpet’ levels of fabulousness!

A Sparkle of Greens

In my culinary journey, I’ve realized that the simplest things often steal the show. The understated elegance that a handful of fresh greens brings to the plate is inexplicable! The leafy elegance that fresh watercress, or baby spinach, or even a bunch of simple garden salad can add to our humble zucchini pancakes is transformative.

It’s like Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother transforms a pumpkin into a gleaming carriage. Well, we just uncovered the pumpkin’s secret identity, didn’t we?

What To Serve With Zucchini Pancakes

What are some healthy pairings for zucchini pancakes?

Zucchini pancakes are a health enthusiast’s dream come true! Some notable accompaniments include Greek yogurt with a drizzle of honey, a side of cherry tomatoes along with a sprinkle of feta cheese, or a simple slaw made with cabbage and carrots. Each of these sides packs a nutritional punch and boosts the appeal of your zucchini pancakes.

Can vegans enjoy zucchini pancakes?

Heck yes, fellow plant munchers! With a few tweaks to the traditional recipe, like substituting eggs with flaxseeds mixed in water and milk with almond milk, you’re good to go. Serve with some hummus and a heaping of fresh salad, and you’ve got yourself a vegan feast!

Are zucchini pancakes gluten-free?

Well dear reader, that entirely depends on the flour you choose to use. If you go for gluten-free options like almond or coconut flour, then yes, they are. The truth’s in the pancake batter here!

Can I add cheese to my zucchini pancakes?

Who am I to stand between you and cheese? Go right ahead! A sprinkling of Parmesan or a dollop of Ricotta, the cheesier the better. Just remember, moderation is key!

What dips can I use with zucchini pancakes?

Oh, honey, dips are like pancake’s BFFs. Hummus, tzatziki, guacamole or even a fancy aioli—sky’s the limit!

How can I make my pancakes fluffier?

Having problems with flat pancakes, darling? Well, adding a generous pinch of baking powder should give your pancakes that beautiful fluffiness. Voluptuous pancakes, here we come!

How many calories are there in zucchini pancakes?

The calorie count may vary based on the recipe, but an average zucchini pancake with all the fixings would be around 150-200 calories. But let’s not quibble on calories when so much goodness is in store!

How do zucchini pancakes aid in weight loss?

Thanks to zucchini’s water content, these pancakes keep you fuller for longer without adding a ton of calories to your meal. It’s like a sneaky little superhero helping you ward off unnecessary cravings.

What fresh herbs pair well with zucchini pancakes?

Right off the bat? Mint, parsley, or some fresh dill are like sunshine in an herb garden when paired with your zucchini pancakes. It’s like adding a whole new layer of Instagrammable goodness!

Can I prepare zucchini pancakes for breakfast?

Who’s stopping you, darling? Breakfast, lunch, dinner, or even a midnight snack—zucchini pancakes are always a resounding Y-E-S! You can even sing a little pancake jingle as you flip them!

All options of what to serve with zucchini pancakes:

Greek Yogurt DipCreamy and tangy, perfect for dipping.
Fresh Tomato SalsaAdds a burst of freshness and flavor.
Avocado Lime SauceCreamy with a zesty kick.
Lemon Dill SauceBright and herby, complements the pancakes.
Garlic AioliRich and garlicky, a tasty indulgence.
Tzatziki SauceCool and refreshing, great for summer.
Smoked SalmonAdds elegance and a touch of luxury.
Grilled ShrimpPairs wonderfully with zesty flavors.
Crispy BaconSalty and savory, a delightful contrast.
Fried EggsPerfect for a hearty breakfast or brunch.
Mixed Green SaladProvides a light and fresh side option.
Roasted VegetablesA medley of colors and flavors.
Cauliflower RiceLow-carb alternative, great for keto diets.
Sweet Potato FriesA delicious sweet and savory combination.
Fresh Fruit SalsaA fruity twist that’s both vibrant and sweet.

That wraps up our zucchini pancake side dish extravaganza, everyone! Just remember, these pancakes are nothing short of a hero, but like every hero, they need a sidekick. So roll up your sleeves, unleash your inner food architect, and let’s create pancake masterpieces. Happy cooking, folks!

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