Hello, friends! I’m Eva Stove. I’m a creative and enthusiastic chef who loves to experiment in the kitchen. I believe that preparing food should be a fun and delicious experience for everyone 👋

On this blog, I’ll be sharing all my cooking adventures, from modern twists on traditional recipes to the best ingredients to use. My posts will take you through the steps of creating delicious meals from scratch, as well as how to elevate classic recipes with exciting ingredients. I’ve been cooking for years and have picked up a few tricks along the way! I’m excited to share all my culinary ideas, tips, and techniques with you!

I have always loved writing and cooking since I was a child…

For me it was like a special kind of magic. Coming up with recipes and thoughts of my own was a creative way for me to express myself. I loved experimenting in the kitchen with new ingredients or swapping out flavors and texture to reinvent a recipe. Writing and cooking go hand in hand. As I’ve gotten older my passion for both has grown, and I now get to share my love of food and writing through this blog.

One thing I never lose sight of is that cooking is something that should be celebrated. It’s not just a form of sustenance and nourishment, but it’s a form of self-expression. I’m always trying out something new in the kitchen, like a new dish, a new recipe or even just a new way to enjoy my usual ingredients. I take pleasure in testing my abilities and exploring my creativity through this art form 🙂

Writing and cooking offer me an escape from the “real world” and a little bit of me-time. It gives me a platform to express my thoughts and help others gain confidence in the kitchen. I firmly believe that we all can find a way of expressing our creativity through cooking and writing.