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The Gate brunch

With the rise of social media bombarding us with images of perfect bodies and superfoods, it’s no wonder #newyearnewme and #cleaneating are viciously trending. Clean eating seems to be here to stay, on Instagram and in real life and I’m glad!

Another thing that’s on the up is the number of people becoming vegetarian, vegan or flexitarian (vegetarian most of the time with the occasional bit of meat). The increasing awareness of the health benefits and the scientific facts behind greenhouse gas emissions from livestock have contributed to more people making the change. Whether it’s for the good of animals, the planet or personal health issues, this January is likely to see a high number of people trying out a plant based diet for Veganuary. If you’re tempted to try it, I’ve picked out a selection of the best spots in London that serve up delicious veggie friendly food…

The Gate

I love dining at The Gate which is a popular veggie restaurant that’s been a hit since 1989! I’ve been here a few times now and I’m always impressed with the changing menu which has both vegetarian and vegan options. The restaurant has a great weekend brunch menu which is one of the most exciting and vegan friendly brunch menus available in London. Simple swaps such as eggs for scrambled tofu make all the difference!

Shakshuka with scrambled tofu

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nachos, sweet potato falafel, juice
‘Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food’ is the motto here and the way in which detoxifying, immune-boosting, alkalising and similar health related buzz words are scattered all over the menu indicates the type of healthy eating experience you’re in for! I love Farmacy because the food is indulgent and somewhat guilt-free. I really enjoyed the nachos and burger here. The menu includes comfort food such as nachos, burgers and pizzas as well as heavenly earth bowls. It’s also a pretty one for Instagram – we all know if it’s not on social media, did you even go?

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 Mildred’s is one of the most famous vegetarian restaurants in London. With three branches and constant queues, the demand speaks for itself. Decision making is painful here with a world menu of delicious vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free dishes. From smashed avo and blue chips to flavourful tortellini, Mildred’s successfully demonstrates the variety of flavour vegetarian dishes have to offer. A stand out dish for me was the ricotta and truffle tortelloni, wild mushroom marsala sauce. Remember to leave room for dessert!

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Wulf & Lamb

This new hotspot in Chelsea specialises in world vegan food. You can find everything from burgers to salads on the vibrant menu. The dreamy mac ‘n’ cheese is an absolute must to try! I also enjoyed the seitan burger and carrot cake here.



Ethos is a pretty restaurant with a self-serve buffet and weigh and pay concept. If, like me, you suffer from major food regret when you order the wrong dish or you love to try lots of different things, ethos is the place for you. The spread here is packed with variety, rich in flavour and includes hot and cold dishes, as well as tempting desserts. Be careful, it can easily become a spenny one if you get excited piling up your plate!

Veggie Pret

Pret a Manger introduced its first vegetarian pop up nearly 2 years ago and it was so successful that it’s here to stay – long live Veggie Pret! If you haven’t made your way here already and are looking for a quick lunchtime bite, it’s definitely a spot worth trying. I’ve noticed more and more vegetarian and vegan recipes making their way into Pret a Manger shops and I’m loving the change! It is one of my go-to lunch spots as all of the veggie soups are vegan friendly and there’s always delicious vegan sandwiches available. 


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