Kale and Sweet Potato Falafel

Falafel is a delicious vegan dish for both light and larger meals. I regularly add falafel balls to salads for lunch or in wraps for a heartier meal. This recipe took a lot of experimenting, especially with consistency, but I’m finally there and I hope this works well for you too! Ingredients 1 tin of…

Roasted sweet potato with chickpeas

I LOVE sweet potato, it’s my new fave vegetable this year and it’s a great ingredient for so many dishes. The colourful, hearty veg is packed with nutrients and tastes bomb! WIN WIN. This recipe is a Mediterranean take on roasted sweet potato and is great for a quick lunch or dinner. Ingredients  This will…


Detoxifying, immune boosting, alkalising, liver cleansing – you know you’re in for some sort of healthy spin just from a quick skim of Farmacy’s extensive menu! The trendy, plant based restaurant in Notting Hill serves up a great range of vegan and vegetarian dishes, free from refined sugars, dairy, additives and chemicals. And annoyingly reservations….

Top 5 dishes to try in London this Spring

National Vegetarian Week starts tomorrow (16th – 22nd May) so I thought I would share some of my favourites from restaurants in London this Spring. If you haven’t already tried these, add them to your list!