National Hot Dawg Day

dirty bones, top dog and bubble dogs vegetarian hot dogs. London

Happy National Hot Dog day! This casual fave isn’t typically considered a go-to with vegetarians, but we also love to get down with a gooood hot dawg. More and more restaurants are including vegetarian and vegan sausages on their menus, and so they should. Easy swap for a great meal!

Here are a few places in London to try for a great veggie hot dog:

  1. Top Dog (Soho)

I LOVE this place. Top Dog offer a vegan sausage which you can sub into any of the delicious hot dog styles.  They have recently expanded their menu to include a larger veggie/vegan selection.

I had the Corn n Guac dog which was an excellent combination – both the veggies and carnivores I lunched with enjoyed this, especially the corn salsa and spicy mayo.

corn guac dog, sweet potato chips, hot dog, bread bun, macaroni cheese

Check out my full review of Top Dog here

Top Dog Website

  1. Bubble dogs (Fitzrovia)

The restaurant that always has crazy queues and is known for the high-end meets low mash up of champagne and hot dogs. Not sure how such a casual hot dog eaten at festivals and sports matches became a gourmet dining experience, but hey the posh hot dog works!

A dozen styles of hot dog to choose from, including a ‘naked’ dog for the less adventurous, and don’t forget the all-important sides. I really enjoyed the potato tots here.

bubble dogs, new yorker, sweet potato fries, potato tots,

Bubble Dogs Website

  1. Dirty Bones (Soho and Kensington)

Dirty bones is a fun place to try and offers a veggie sausage for their famous hot dogs. This isn’t my favourite veggie dog spot in London, however I did enjoy my meal here more for the atmosphere.

dirty bones, vegetarian hot dog, ketchup, mustard, fries

Dirty Bones Website

Happy Hot Dog Day!

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