National Burger Day

Happy National Burger Day to all the burger loving foodies out there! I love to get down and dirrrrty with a good greasy burger and the options are far from limited in London for vegetarians. There will always be one solid veggie option on a good burger menu (the even better ones will have a vegan option), quite likely to be mushroom based. Today I am sharing some great vegetarian burgers to try in London:

  1. The number 1 spot goes to Honest Burger. The fritter burger and rosemary salted chips here hit the spot every damn time. I love the cauliflower fitter and mint yoghurt combo and oh my daze the rosemary chips are just heaven. If you need a carby fix, this is your place.
    honest burger and rosemary chips
  2. Patty & Bun. The Portobello mushroom burger by Patty & Bun is very messy like most burgers (sauce overload) but it is a strong contender in my fave burger spots. Its a tasty burger with a garlicy kick. I had this burger again recently at Pergola on the Roof in West London which is open until October.


  3. These bomb Korean tofu sliders at Jinjuu are cute and delicious. A great option if you want a mini burger. I ate both sliders with no regrets. I wouldn’t recommend sharing these – once you try them you’ll know why.

    Check out my full review of Jinjuu here

    Korean tofu sliders

  4. Nando’s. Don’t judge me on this one, I LOVE Nando’s, always have, always will. For a vegetarian this is one of the best pattys out there. It’s healthy and packed with nutrients too so win win.

    This is my ‘keep it clean/still trying to get that summer body’ meal at Nando’s if you’re looking for a fairly healthy option:
    -veggie fillet
    -sweet potato wedges.

    nandos vegetarian fillet, super grains and sweet potato wedges

    burger meme

  5. The Drift. Halloumi burger. This is a decent burger from The Drift’s weekend brunch menu.

the drift halloumi burger and sweet potato fries

There will be lots of burger discounts available on this very important day so go on, have a cheat meal…it would be rude not to.

National Burger Day Website

3 thoughts on “National Burger Day

    How sad to see a vegetarian burger ! I am a meat lover so, to me,you’re not talking about burgers. These are not burgers ! A real burger is not healthy, it is greasy and full of flavors. A vegetarian burger is useless. Why would I eat a burger without meat and ketchup and other delicious tastes.
    Stop your obsession with eating healthy !

  2. Dear Meat Lover,

    it is sad to see that in 2017 people are still thinking that way. It is perfectly possible to have a tasty, healthy and vegetarian burger ! You have to try it.
    I always try to eat healthy food because I want to be in great shape.
    You know the saying : One apple a day keeps the doctor away.
    Eating healthy is the most important thing !


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