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With the plant based diet becoming a health trend recently, Nama Foods is a jewel for the vegan scene in London, Notting Hill to be precise. You can find lots of the popular healthy eateries, including Farmacy and Planet Organic in this area. Not many restaurants can boast about including dishes made of raw foods cooked below 42 degrees on their menus, but Nama Foods has a whole menu and catering service dedicated to this.

All items on their menu are wheat, gluten, meat and dairy free as well as organic and unprocessed. Wow. They definitely disprove the misconception that a raw food diet is limiting with classic comfort foods such as pizza, pasta and curries making an appearance on their menu.
I used the Time Out offer which included a 3 course meal and a drink for £22.95. Excellent value considering a main meal here can cost you up to £16.50 – sadly clean eating is usually quite spenny!
As much as the food was fun to try and it was a great dining experience, I have to say the smoothie was my favourite part of the whole meal. Smooth and scrumptious with names as heavenly as they taste.
I started with the Kohlrabi Ravioli which was very different to ravioli I’m used to in terms of texture, size and flavour. Beautifully presented and strong flavours. I can’t say I’m ready to give up on ordinary ravioli just yet!
Whenever pizza is featured at an unfamiliar restaurant, I will always choose it. There is something so comforting about this safe option that has been with me through the tough times so no surprise I opted for the Pizza Fungi for my main meal. Don’t expect it to taste anything like pizza you’re used to, but its a great earthy take on it. I’m a big truffle and nuts fan so I enjoyed this. I also tried my friends pasta with autumn truffle and yellow coconut curry which were both hearty and flavourful.
Dessert was disappointing. We shared three desserts: tiramisu, battenberg and salted chocolate caramel cake (nut free). Sadly all three tasted quite similar – like those healthy snack bars of fruit, cacoa and nuts cold pressed together. They were all very rich but it was too much of the same sort of flavour. My sweet tooth wasn’t overly impressed.
Overall the service was average, a bit slow and I did have to get up from my seat to ask the waiter to finally take our order. The service did improve after that and the staff were helpful and friendly.
Am I likely to try a raw foods meal again anytime soon? Probably not, unless it’s a lunchtime salad. I’m all for a plant based diet and I can understand (and clearly taste) the health benefits, but I’m not completely sold on the raw food thing. The restaurant is great for demonstrating what you can do with a raw plant based diet but I found Nama Foods lacked the wow factor that would make me want to rush back.
Rating: 6/10
Location: Notting Hill
Perfect For: A catch up, date night.
Price: £22.95 using the TimeOut offer
Another vegan restaurant in the Notting Hill area is Farmacy.

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