How Many Carbs are in Krystal French Fries?

Krystal French fries are a popular snack option that many people enjoy. However, for those watching their carb intake, it’s important to know how many carbs are in Krystal French fries.

A small order of Krystal French fries contains 30 grams of carbs, while a medium order has 40 grams, and a large order has 60 grams. These numbers can quickly add up and may not be ideal for those following a low-carb diet.

It’s important to consider your individual health goals and dietary needs when deciding whether or not to indulge in a serving of Krystal French fries. With this information in mind, you can make an informed choice about what food options work best for you and your lifestyle.

Krystal French Fries Nutritional Information

Krystal, the popular fast-food chain, is known for its square burgers and French fries. The crispy, golden Krystal French fries are a classic side dish that goes well with any meal, but how many carbs do they contain? In this section, we’ll explore the nutritional information for Krystal French fries.


A small order of Krystal French fries (70g) has 25g of carbohydrates, while a large order (145g) has 49g of carbohydrates. This means that the smaller size contains about one-third of the daily recommended intake of 75g of carbohydrates for a 2,000 calorie diet.


A small order of Krystal French fries has approximately 230 calories, while a large order has 490 calories. This means that the smaller size contains about 12% of the daily recommended intake of calories for a 2,000 calorie diet.

Fat and Sodium

Both small and large orders of Krystal French fries contain 11g of fat, with 2g of saturated fat. A small order has 190mg of sodium, while a large order has 390mg of sodium. Check also how much sodium is in ramen noodles. For those looking to limit their fat and sodium intake, it’s important to keep this in mind.


Krystal French fries are made with whole potatoes, vegetable oil, and salt. They do not contain any artificial flavors, sweeteners, or preservatives.

Krystal French fries are a delicious but high-carb side dish that should be consumed in moderation. Their ingredients are simple and free from artificial additives. If you’re looking to keep your carbohydrate, calorie, fat, and sodium intake in check, it’s recommended to opt for a small order.

As a fast-food restaurant famous for its mini burgers, Krystal is also known for its crispy french fries. But if you’re watching your carbohydrate intake, you may be wondering how many carbs there are in Krystal fries.

Carbohydrate Content

According to the Krystal website, a small order of french fries contains 42 grams of total carbohydrates. This amount includes 3 grams of dietary fiber and 0 grams of sugar. The larger orders of french fries contain more carbs. For instance, a medium order of french fries contains 63 grams of total carbohydrates (5 grams of dietary fiber and 0 grams of sugar) while a large order contains 105 grams of total carbohydrates (8 grams of dietary fiber and 0 grams of sugar).

Comparison with Other Foods

Compared to other fast-food chains, Krystal french fries have a moderate amount of carbs. For example, a small order of McDonald’s french fries contains 29 grams of total carbohydrates while a medium order contains 44 grams of total carbohydrates. The Wendy’s small french fries contain 35 grams of total carbohydrates while the large size contains 51 grams.

Serving Size of Krystal French Fries

When it comes to fast food, it’s easy to get carried away with the serving sizes and forget about portion control. The same goes for Krystal French fries. It’s important to keep in mind that moderation is key when consuming any type of fast food.

According to Krystal’s website, a regular serving of their French fries weighs around 80 grams and contains 230 calories. This serving size also contains 29 grams of carbohydrates, 3 grams of protein, and 12 grams of fat, 2 grams of which are saturated.

It’s worth noting that Krystal also offers a larger size of French fries, called the “Biggie,” which weighs in at around 117 grams and contains 340 calories. This larger size contains 44 grams of carbohydrates, 4 grams of protein, and 16 grams of fat, 3 grams of which are saturated.

If you’re someone who likes to pair their fries with a burger or combo meal, it’s important to keep in mind the overall calorie count and nutritional value of your entire meal. One serving of Krystal French fries can fit into a healthy diet when consumed in moderation, but it’s best to pair them with a lean protein source and plenty of vegetables for a well-balanced meal.

Here’s a quick summary of the nutritional information for one serving of Krystal French fries:

Saturated Fat2g

Remember that a regular serving size of Krystal French fries may differ slightly from location to location. It’s always a good idea to check the nutritional information on their website or ask a restaurant employee if you have any questions or concerns about the serving size or nutritional value of your meal.

Healthy Alternatives to Krystal French Fries

If you’re looking for a healthier snack option than Krystal French fries, there are plenty of alternatives available that can satisfy your cravings without compromising your health. Here are some ideas:

  • Baked sweet potato fries: Cut a sweet potato into thin sticks, sprinkle with olive oil, salt, black pepper, smoked paprika, and garlic powder, and bake in the oven at 425°F for around 20 minutes. Sweet potatoes are an excellent source of fiber, vitamins A and C, and potassium.
  • Air-fried zucchini fries: Cut zucchini into stick shapes, coat in almond flour, egg, and parmesan cheese, and air-fry until crispy. Zucchinis are low in calories and high in vitamin C and potassium.
  • Baked carrot fries: Cut carrots into thin sticks, sprinkle with olive oil, salt, and pepper, and bake in the oven at 450°F for around 20 minutes. Carrots are rich in vitamin A, potassium, and fiber.
  • Broccoli tots: Mix broccoli, cheddar cheese, almond flour, egg, garlic powder, and salt together and form into tater tot shapes. Bake in the oven at 400°F until crispy. Broccoli is high in fiber, vitamin C, and vitamin K.
  • Baked avocado fries: Cut ripe avocados into wedges, coat in flour, egg, and panko breadcrumbs, and bake in the oven at 400°F until golden brown. Avocados are loaded with healthy fats, fiber, and potassium.

By opting for these healthy alternatives, you can indulge your cravings for crispy, savory snacks without compromising your health. They’re packed with nutrients and fiber, making them a satisfying and guilt-free option.

Effects of consuming too many carbs

Carbs are an essential part of a healthy diet, but consuming too many carbs can have adverse effects on your health. Overconsumption of carbs can lead to various health problems, such as weight gain, high blood sugar levels, and an increased risk of chronic diseases.

Weight gain is one of the most common effects of consuming too many carbs. When you consume more carbs than your body needs, the excess carbs are stored as fat in your body. This can lead to weight gain and an increased risk of obesity, which is a significant risk factor for numerous chronic diseases.

High carb intake can also lead to high blood sugar levels, especially in people with insulin resistance or diabetes. When you consume carbs, your body breaks them down into glucose, which your body uses as energy. Insulin is a hormone that helps transport glucose into your cells. However, when you consume too many carbs, your body may produce too much insulin, leading to high blood sugar levels over time.

Consuming too many carbs can also increase your risk of chronic diseases like diabetes, heart disease and stroke. According to a study published in JAMA Internal Medicine, high carb intake was associated with a higher risk of mortality, with more than half of the deaths attributable to cardiovascular disease.

To mitigate the effects of consuming too many carbs, it’s essential to be mindful of the amount and type of carbs you consume. Eating complex carbs, such as whole grains, fruits, and vegetables, can help you maintain a healthy weight and reduce the risk of chronic diseases.

Tips for Balancing Carb Intake

Carbohydrates are an essential source of energy for the body, but consuming too many carbs can lead to weight gain and other health issues. Here are a few tips for balancing carb intake:

  • Choose quality carbs: Instead of consuming refined carbs like white bread, opt for whole-grain carbs like whole wheat bread, brown rice, and quinoa. These options have more fiber and nutrients than their refined counterparts.
  • Watch portion sizes: Controlling portion sizes is key to balancing carb intake. Using a food scale to measure portions can be helpful.
  • Balance with protein and fat: Eating protein and fat alongside carbs can help slow down the release of glucose into the bloodstream. This can prevent blood sugar spikes and crashes.
  • Be mindful of hidden carbs: Keep in mind that carbs are not just found in bread, pasta, and rice. Many foods, including fruits and vegetables, contain carbs. Be mindful of the carb count in the foods you eat.
  • Consider your activity level: If you have an active lifestyle, you may require more carbs for energy. If you have a more sedentary lifestyle, you may need to consume fewer carbs.
  • Consult with a healthcare professional: If you are trying to balance your carb intake but are unsure of where to start, consider consulting with a registered dietitian or healthcare professional. They can help you develop a personalized plan based on your individual needs and lifestyle.

By implementing these tips, you can balance your carb intake and support your overall health and wellness.

Factors that Affect Carb Content in French Fries

Type of Potato

The type of potato used to make French fries can have a significant impact on the carb content. Potatoes that are higher in starch, like russet or Idaho potatoes, tend to have more carbs than waxy potatoes like red or new potatoes. For example, one russet potato can contain up to 63 grams of carbs, while a boiled new potato contains only 15 grams of carbs.

Fry Shape and Size

The shape and size of French fries can also affect their carb content. Thicker-cut fries will generally contain more carbs than thin-cut fries because they contain more potato per fry. Additionally, curly or waffle-cut fries may contain added ingredients like breading or batter, which can significantly increase the carb content.

Cooking Method

The cooking method used to prepare French fries also affects their carb content. Deep-frying French fries in oil can increase their carb content by up to 20%, while baking or air-frying French fries can significantly decrease their carb content. For example, one serving of baked French fries contains around 23 grams of carbs, while a serving of deep-fried French fries contains around 29 grams of carbs. But learn also if trulys go bad, just in case you’ll want to try them after

Other menu items with similar carb content

If you’re watching your carb intake and considering options beyond Krystal’s french fries, there are plenty of other menu items that have similar carb content. Here are a few to consider:

  • Krystal’s famous Krystal Burger has 27 grams of carbs and 280 calories.
  • If you’re in the mood for chicken, the Chicken Bites have 27 grams of carbs and 460 calories.
  • For a vegetarian option, the Veggie Burger has 26 grams of carbs and 340 calories.
  • If you’re looking for a side dish, the Pups (mini hot dogs) can be a tasty alternative with 22 grams of carbs and 300 calories per serving.

While these menu items all have similar carb content to the french fries, it’s important to keep in mind that they also vary in calorie count and overall nutritional value. It’s always a good idea to check the full nutritional information before making your selection.

Remember, moderation is key. While it’s tempting to indulge in a large serving, it’s important to keep portions in check to maintain a balanced diet. Here are some tips for enjoying Krystal French fries in moderation:

Share a serving

One of the easiest ways to enjoy Krystal French fries in moderation is to share a serving with a friend or family member. Splitting a serving means you can still enjoy the taste without overindulging. Don’t overeat costco smoothie also!

Choose a smaller size

Krystal offers smaller serving sizes, such as the Kids’ Fries or Small Fries, which are a great option for those who want to enjoy some fries without going overboard.

Pair with a healthier option

Pairing Krystal French fries with a healthier option, such as a side salad, can help balance out your meal. This way, you can still enjoy the taste of the fries while making sure you’re getting some essential nutrients.

Opt for a baked version

If you’re looking to cut back on calories, consider trying baked fries instead of the classic fried version. Krystal offers a Baked Fries option that is just as flavorful without the extra grease.

Pay attention to portion sizes

Whether you’re enjoying Krystal French fries as a side or a snack, it’s important to pay attention to portion sizes. Use a measuring cup or food scale to ensure you’re sticking to an appropriate serving size.

By keeping these tips in mind, you can enjoy Krystal French fries in moderation without sacrificing taste or nutrition. Remember, everything in moderation – including your favorite fast food treats!

For the data-driven individuals out there, here is a table summarizing the carb count of Krystal french fries:

Serving SizeCarb Count

As you can see, the carb count of Krystal french fries can quickly add up. However, it’s important to remember that these fries are a treat and should be enjoyed in moderation.

If you’re watching your carb intake, it might be best to skip the french fries at Krystal. But if you do decide to indulge, be mindful of your portion sizes. With a little planning and moderation, you can still enjoy the occasional treat without compromising your health goals.

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