La Bodega Negra

Quirky atmosphere, average Mexican tapas food, good table service (bar the strict 2 hour limit on reserved tables), dim and noisy. The illuminated shop front and secret entrance indicate you are in for a fun experience at the underground restaurant from the start and that it was. Short menu with classic Mexican dishes, such as tacos and tostaditas. 4-5 vegetarian dishes, my favourite being the Quesadilla Rustica. A fun place to try for the unique atmosphere and dining experience, rather than for the food.

Reservations: Can book via OpenTable, email or call 0207 748 4100.
Locations: Café – 16 Moor Street. Restaurant – 9 Old Compton Street
Perfect for: A nice lunch/dinner or drinks
Rating: 6/10

DF Mexico

Reservations: Like most of the trendy new restaurants in London, there is no booking system. Both times I’ve been on a weekday after work around 6/7pm and had no problems getting a table.
Perfect for: A casual lunch or dinner with friends.
Locations: Shoreditch and Soho.
Rating: 6/10