Restaurant Round Up: 6 Vegan Dishes

This summer was pretty significant for me because I became vegan. It took me a few months (and a few slip ups) to make the transition from vegetarian to vegan which I did by gradually cutting out eggs and dairy from my diet. There was a loootttt of temptation along the way and it was a…

Darjeeling Express

I LOVE Carnaby. It’s my go-to food spot and never fails to provide a great selection of restaurants, including old faves and trendy new hotspots. Home to some of my favourite restaurants, such as Pizza Pilgrims, Dishoom and Le Bab, this foodie heaven is prime location for any new restaurant. Constant footfall, hungry tourists and…

Tamarind Kitchen

Tamarind of Mayfair has a new sista! Tamarind Kitchen is the latest in the wave of new Indian restaurants hitting London. Being the newest member of the reputable Tamarind Collection family, behind Tamarind of Mayfair and Zaika of Kensington, there can only be high expectations of what this restaurant will bring to the table. Tamarind of Mayfair was…


We’re seeing newbie Indian restaurants poppadom-ing up every month and the demand from Londoners for traditional Indian dishes with a contemporary twist is veryyyy high. Other recently opened Indian hotspots include Kricket, Cinnamon Bazaar and DUM London.  We can’t get enough and I’m enjoying seeing what each new restaurant brings to the table with their…


Will Bowlby and Rik Campbell originally started Kricket in Brixton in 2015 and have expanded to a bigger space in Soho this month. After the huge success of the Brixton branch, there was talk about the opening of the Soho restaurant for months and I’m glad it’s finally here! The trendy hotspot, specialising in contemporary…

Cinnamon Bazaar

Cinnamon Bazaar by Vivek Singh is the latest addition to the Cinnamon Collection family following the successes of its sister restaurants The Cinnamon Club, Cinnamon Soho and Cinnamon Kitchen. Inspired by Bazaars dotted along the spice, silk and frankincense routes around India, the restaurant has a more relaxed feel compared to the other collection members….

DUM London

I love a restaurant with a simple, focused menu and DUM London by Dhruv Mittal provides just that with a menu centered around an old Indian favourite – biryani. The newly opened biryani house on Wardour Street has a small narrow entrance but the stairs lead down to a surprisingly large, authentically decorated basement space….

Zaika of Kensington

Zaika of Kensington (member of the Tamarind Collection restaurant family) was one of the first Indian restaurants in London to receive a Michelin star and this is truly deserved. We had a fabulous North Indian dinner here to celebrate my sisters 30th birthday. You can really feel the Mughal palace influence with the authentic décor and ambience. A great group set menu in terms of variety, quantity and flavour. I enjoyed the meal so much that I kept eating and eating eventually feeling like I had to be rolled out of Zaika. Classy girl.

Rating: 9/10
Reservations: Can be made online via the website or OpenTable. Get your points 😉
Perfect for: a special occasion (it’s a spenny one)
Location: Kensingtion. Closes station – High Street Kensington

Calcutta Street

Calcutta Street is a hot new opening in Fitzrovia founded by Shrimoyee who is behind all of the recipes and was inspired by the incredible Bengali food she experienced growing up. A cute and simplistic restaurant with pops of calm blue and décor that gives you a taste of the vibrant Bengali culture. Delicious food (my favourite dish was the paneer posto) and excellent service. Lots of vegetarian options and a separate lunch menu including rolls.

Rating: 8/10
Reservations: Walk-ins only. Can reserve a table for 5 or more people.
Location: 29 Tottenham Court Road

Talli Joe

Inspired by the dive bars in India, Shaftesbury Avenue’s Talli Joe is the exciting new venture of ex-Benares chef Sameer Taneja. Expect small plates and an extensive cocktail menu incorporating ingredients from different regions in India. Flavourful food, small portions and a fun tapas style dining experience. Perfect for a light meal, but if you’re very hungry it could cost you a pretty penny.

Reservations: Can book online via ResDiary
Location: Shaftesbury Avenue
Perfect for: A lunch or dinner catch up with friends/family
Rating: 7/10


Spitalfields new charm hidden away on White’s Row specialising in aromatic, rustic Indian tapas food. This converted curry house, which has maintained its red brick work and some of the classic furniture, hosts a great selection of mouth-watering vegetarian dishes. An exciting menu inspired by family recipes with new dishes being experimented with and added daily. I have no doubt word will spread very quickly about the explosions of flavours you can expect at Gunpowder. Rich flavours, locally sourced ingredients and very friendly staff!

Reservations: Can book on OpenTable or email
Location: 11 White’s Row, Spitalfields. Closest Stations: Liverpool Street and Shoreditch High Street
Perfect for: A casual dinner with friends (ideally a small group).
Price: £20-30
Rating: 9/10

Dishoom Carnaby Test Run Event

My first blog post goes to one of my favourite restaurants in London (as well as many other Londoners judging by the queues!). I have been eagerly anticipating the opening of the newest addition to the growing Dishoom family and as expected it didn’t fail to impress! Lots of delicious vegetarian dishes and unforgettable service. The extremely popular restaurant has been a preferred go to of mine for a few years due to the wide variety of veggie options and this won’t be changing anytime soon!

Reservations: Reservations can be made online for groups of 6 or more for dinner and any number for breakfast/lunch. You can also email
Good luck! It’s hard to secure a dinner reservation here unless its well in advance.
Locations: Carnaby, Kings Cross, Shoreditch, Covent Garden
Perfect for: Any occasion.
Rating: 9/10