Bubbledogs Hip Hop Brunch

Bubbledogs has been kicking for a while now, and it was a huge deal when it first opened. It was one of the first restaurants in London to pair the casual hot dog with champagne and transform a casual delight into a gourmet meal. The trend has been successfully going in London since with everything…

National Hot Dawg Day

Hello National Hot Dog day! This casual fave isn’t typically considered a go to with vegetarians, but we also love to get down with a gooood hot dawg. More and more restaurants are including vegetarian and vegan sausages on their menus, and so they should. Easy swap for a great meal! This post is dedicated to a few places in London to try a veggie hot dog.

Top Dog

A casual restaurant bringing Californian style hot dogs to Soho and taking topping combinations to a new level! An inventive menu, tasty food and friendly staff. Organic vegan tofu sausages are available. The Corn n Guac veggie special is a must! Extra seating downstairs so don’t be deceived in thinking the upstairs is full and there won’t be space for you. Similarly to Balls & Company, this is another example of a fun restaurant experimenting with simple foods to create tasty combinations that just work!

Reservations: No reservations. For bookings of 6 or more email manager@top-dog.com.
Location: Firth Street, Soho. Closest tube station is Piccadilly Circus.
Perfect for: A casual lunch/dinner with friends.
Price: £10-15
Rating: 7/10