Asia de Cuba

Asia de Cuba

I went to Asia de Cuba recently for my sisters’ birthday lunch and we had a fantastic time! The chic restaurant, located in the lavish St Martins Hotel, is well know for its memorable, retro decor and flavourful food. Being a book worm, I especially loved the colourful book case in the centre of the restaurant.

Asia de Cuba specialises in Asian inspired Cuban food. The vibrant and sophisticated menu reflects Chef Pous’ interpretation of Asian influenced Cuban food if Cuba had access to global ingredients and were able to evolve their cooking over the past 50 years. I visited Cuba around 10 years ago and absolutely loved the culture and beautiful sites. It is one of the most memorable countries I’ve visited but the food (for a vegetarian) was limited so I was intrigued to see how Asian-Cuban fusion cuisine would work.

Asia de Cuba

I have to highlight that Asia de Cuba is excellent at accommodating to dietary requirements. I’ve dined here twice now (once in a large group) and they adapted dishes to become vegan friendly. The team were attentive and considerate when serving a large group and ensured I received the vegan dishes and they didn’t end up at the other end of the table. A couple of my friends have allergies which the restaurant was able to successfully accommodate. I know most well established restaurants should be able to deal with all dietary requirements, but there is a BIG difference in those that simply can and those that can well. Asia de Cuba can well.

We shared a few dishes:

  • Red quinoa salad
  • Black rice and beans, chilli tofu and cauliflower
  • Vegan pad thai


I really enjoyed all of food, especially the quinoa salad which was vibrant and had a zesty, fresh kick to it. The black rice, tofu and cauliflower was also tasty, slightly too spicy for my liking but I enjoyed the rich flavours. The restaurant also arranged a lovely dessert of Mexican doughnuts with a candle for my sisters birthday.

So if you’re looking for a restaurant for a pre-theatre meal or a special occasion, excellent service and food unique in both flavour and presentation – Asia de Cuba is your spot.

Rating: 8/10
Location: St Martins Lane, Covent Garden
Perfect for: A special occasion, date night, group meal

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