Japanese food is big in London and we’re spoiled for choice with restaurants to choose from. Robabta, located on busy Old Compton Street in Soho, specialises in Japanese grilled charcoal cooking. It’s small and slightly cramped with the tables tightly packed together, but it works and this is what I imagine edgy restaurants in Tokyo to be like.

The restaurant did seem a bit chaotic the evening we dined there which could be due to the small space and waiters rushing around to serve dishes whenever they are ready. Like many of the cool spots in London, the menu consists of small sharing plates with dishes arriving as soon as they are ready so you have the excitement of not knowing what’s arriving at your table next.


What we ate:
Broccoli Steak – The dressing with this was really good but it didn’t work practically with the big broccoli steaks because it ended up in a pool at the bottom of the plate rather than on the broccoli making it tricky to share. Smaller pieces of broccoli would have worked better so they pick up the flavour of the dressing, but this may have less of the wow factor with presentation.  

Broccoli steak

Miso Aubergine – This had a thick, rich miso sauce which I really enjoyed. One of my favourite dishes of the meal.

Miso Aubergine

Asparagus and mushroom skewers – I preferred the mushroom skewers because they had a flavourful chipotle glaze. The asparagus skewers needed something else and tasted quite bland. 


More Japanese restaurant reviews:
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Rating: 7/10
Perfect for: Group catch up, date night, a special occassion

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