Hello Veganuary 2020

Veganuary conquered restaurant menus with a bang this year – hello 2020! They’ve met the rising demand for more plant based options by creating lots of delicious, new dishes. I honestly never thought I’d see this much choice for vegans – what a time to be alive! I’ve rounded up some of the hottest new dishes to try this month. I haven’t worked my way through all of them just yet, and I feel a little overwhelmed by when I’ll be able try everything [in a good, excited, grateful way :)]:

Homeslice – Introduced a guest pizza for January in collaboration with Hampstead Kitchen which l’ve been drooling over since I saw the insta posts. I’m also a BIG fan of their regular vegan pizzas – mushroom & cauliflower shawarma. 

Patty & Bun – 3 new plant based burgers that are here to stay, but they’re not all available at all branches so double check before you make the trip.
TIP: Hot Chic is at all shops except James St, Soho & White City.

Hache Burger Social – 6 vegan burgers to choose from, yes 6! Never thought I’d be so spoiled for choice. The Secret Garden burger has been resident at Hache for a while and one of my favourite vegan burgers in London. I don’t necessarily want or crave fake meat substitutes and this burger demonstrates the great flavours plant based dishes can have without having to replicate meat. 
TIP: Get the spicy buffalo cauliflower starter. It’s so so good!

KFC – Ironic but KFC have a new vegan burger which is a meat-free alternative to the classic chicken fillet burger.

Pizza Pilgrims – Trialing a new vegan mozzarella. They’ve been working on this for 12 months so I’m sure it will be a good one.

M&S – They’ve continued to expand their Plant Kitchen range which is great. One of the launches that got a lot of media attention was the no chicken kiev. I’ve tried this (it was too salty and garlicy for my taste) and like most of the other plant kitchen range I’ve tried, I was disappointed. However, I love that M&S has expanded their vegan offering so much over the last couple of years – a great example of how supermarkets should be to keep up with the rising demand.

Greggs – Their vegan sausage roll was a bestseller last year, and this month they launched the steak bake which has got glowing reviews. Save space for dessert, there’s also new glazed donuts. They’ve been sold out whenever I tried to get my hands on these, but one day!

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WHAT A TIME TO BE ALIVE 😍 @bekahdoesvegan #VeganSteakBake

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Pizza Hut – Did you ever think there would be a vegan pepperoni pizza? I’m not personally tempted by this (because I’ve never had pepperoni), but I appreciate that it’s available and it’s great for people who have turned veggie or are trying to reduce meat.

Papa Johns – 4 new vegan pizzas on top of their regular vegan offering. 

Beer and Burger – They already have one of the best vegan burgers in London and they’ve got a new jackfruit based addition called The Green Jack for January.

Subway – A new meatball marinara sub as well as a cheese toasted bite (vegan cheese available).

And thats a wrap! This is just a handful of the new vegan launches this month, but I hope this helps you choose what you want to try next.

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