Indian Accent

Indian food forms a significant part of my diet (mainly because I’m Indian and this is the food I grew up on and loveee). A lot of classic Indian dishes are accidentally plant based and many can be adapted to remove yoghurt or butter making them suitable for vegans. I’ve found that most fine dining Indian restaurants in London prioritise meat based dishes and offer very similar vegan options so it can get a bit boring. ‘Can I have the tarka daal and rice please?’ is a phrase a bit too familiar for me.
I was really impressed by the use of meat alternatives at Indian Accent. The innovative menu curated by Chef Manish Mehrotra makes dining here a unique experience. Meat alternatives, such as soy mince and tofu, rarely make it onto Indian restaurant menus even though they can be cooked in the same style with similar sauces to meat.

What we ate:
Let’s talk about tofu – one of the typically associated foods with a vegan diet. Honestly, it can be pretty bland if not seasoned well so I understand why a lot of people don’t like it. However Indian Accent cooked this to perfection in texture and mixed it with asparagus in a delicious dry sauce. It had a sweet note to it, maybe from tamarind or tomato. The portion was also surprisgnly generous compared to the other dishes here which are on the smaller side.


Soy keema
Soy keema is something I often have at home and it’s great to see restaurants becoming more creative and branching out from paneer.
The small clay pot of soy keema (that came with butter free naan for me) was well presented. It usually comes with a trio of cute mini pao buns. I enjoyed this but it was missing that kick of rich flavour I was hoping for.

Pea kofta
The kofta was the only main vegan option available when I dined here. They were similar to the classic kachori with whole peas instead of mashed. I really enjoyed this, especially the flavourful, rich sauce. A bit of a stretch at £16 for two small koftas, but nevertheless a memorable dish and something I’ve not had before.

Pea kofta

I always get a daal at Indian restaurants because it’s safe and guaranteed to be veggie friendly. Unfortunately the yellow daal here didn’t blow me away and could have done with more flavour.


Amazing, freshly baked naan but be warned – they were small. At £5 a naan, they are literally rolling in the dough and could have been more generous in my opinion.

The service was outstanding and I didn’t expect anything less from such a reputable restaurant that has its roots in Delhi – home to some of the best Indian restaurants in the world. Indian Accent is a great spot for a special occasion and they offer brilliant set menus if you want to try a variety of things.

Rating: 8/10
Perfect for: A special occasion


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