Little Kolkata

Tucked away on Shelton Street in Covent Garden, Little Kolkatta is one of the many newer Indian restaurants meeting the demand for fun, Indian dining in London. I’ve not been to Kolkata but have always been intrigued by the city and cooking style, especially after watching TV shows such as Kolkata with Sue Perkins which gave an insight into the beautiful city. Little Kolkata featured recently on Parveens Kitchen which further tempted me to go and try the food myself.

Little Kolkata

We dined in a group of ten and were sat on a long table by the bar which was slightly cramped. The service was good and the staff are very friendly. They recommended top dishes which was helpful because everything sounded delicious from a quick read of the menu.
Pani puri
It was great to experience the rich flavours of Bengali cooking. The restaurant is very accomodating to vegetarians/vegans and dishes can be adapted.  The stand out dishes for me were the Banana Flower Croquettes and Mustard Aubergine. I’ve never tried banana flower before and was very impressed by the delicious flavours. The Mustard Aubergine was cooked to perfection and the coconut and mustard sauce was bursting with flavour.
The meat perspective:
I was dining with friends who tried a variety of meat dishes. They enjoyed the majority of them but felt that the chicken starter was lacking chicken pieces and there were a lot more vegetables than they expected (I wouldn’t necessarily find this a problem haha). Their favourite dishes were the chicken lollipops and drumsticks.
Rating: 7/10
Location: Covent Garden
Perfect for: A catch up, date night

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