Farzi Cafe

Already a hotspot across Dubai and India, its time for the modern spice bistro to shine in London. Farzi Café specialises in Indian food with a twist, famous for its unique presentation and gastronomical dining. Located on busy Haymarket, I’m sure this restaurant will be a popular spot with both Londoners and tourists.

Farzi Cafe

I visited the newly opened restaurant for an early dinner during their soft launch and was very impressed. After hearing great things about the restaurant from friends who had visited Farzi Café in Dubai, I’m glad it met my expectations. I had called the restaurant beforehand to check there are vegan options available on the menu and they had made a note of dietary requirements on our booking. I always prefer to double check than be disappointed on the day especially because Farzi Cafe had no menu on their website. The suspense makes dining here very exciting!

The service was amazing – our servers were helpful and great at describing and recommending dishes. Just from their descriptions, my mouth was watering eager to try everything. Our servers also had a list of dishes that were suitable for vegans which made things a lot easier than trying to work out which veggie dishes might be suitable!

There was a strong focus on flavour and texture throughout all of the dishes and I was particularly impressed with the presentation and the nano plates we had.


The stand out dishes for me were the pani poori and avocado chaat. The avocado chaat was similar to guacamole, mixed with Indian chutneys, pomegranate and garnished with sev – absolutely delicious! The pani poori had a potato and quinoa filling accompanied with three delicious waters and was an explosion of flavour.

Pani puri

Hass avocado chaat

My only criticism would be that the tables are too small for the large sharing dishes (either that or we ordered way too much!). It was a struggle to fit the dishes on the table comfortably.

What we ate:
– Pani poori
– Hass avocado chaat
– Padron peppers
– Potato & Samphire Bun
– Aloor dorm
– Smoked Aubergine Bharta
– Basket of bread (without butter)

Disappointingly there were no vegan desserts available.

Overall dining at Farzi Cafe was a lovely experience. It is a great experimentation with gastronomy and plays on classic Indian dishes whilst maintaining the rich flavours found in Indian food.

Aloor dom

Would I go back? Definitely for a special occasion, I can’t wait to try other dishes on the menu.

Location: Haymarket, Piccadilly
Perfect for: Group dinner, special occasion, date night

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