Vegan friendly restaurants for group meals

Are you trying Veganuary or reducing meat foods this year? With the rise in the number of people reducing meat in their diets, restaurants have become more creative and adapted their menus. Here’s a round up of some restaurants in London that surprisingly offer delicious vegan friendly dishes. It’s important to me to find restaurants that serve a variety of food for different dietary preferences because the reality is you won’t always be dining with a group of friends who are all vegan or vegetarian so something for everyone is always good!

Maison Bab – From the founders of Le Bab (specialises in gourmet kebabs). Maison Bab opened its doors in Covent Garden this year and it was definitely worth the wait. The menu is veggie friendly with most vegetarian dishes also being suitable for vegans.  The Iskender Marinara with their special Iskender sauce is absolutely delicious and a must try – it’s a tomato based sauce with a chilli and garlic kick.  You’ll see this special sauce splattered in other dishes throughout the menu. I also really enjoyed the Vada Pav and Maison Sabich sandwiches.

Maison Bab

Farzi Cafe – Newly opened modern spice bistro on Haymarket. Farzi Cafe specialises in Indian food with a twist and dining here is a wonderful gourmet experience. Expect beautifully presented food bursting with flavour. Some of my favourite vegan dishes here include the hass avocado chaat, pani poori and aloor dom. Great for a special occasion or group dinner.
Rosa’s Thai – Great for vegetarian and vegan food. Full of flavour and lots of choice! My favourite dish is the butternut red curry.
Homeslice – I LOVE this place with my whole heart and have been here so many times I’ve lost count. Pizza is a safe one for vegans because you can always have it without cheese. Homeslice offers some more exciting topping combos compared to your usual pizza place which is why it is always busy with queues around the corner. The huge 20 inch pizzas can be made half and half so it’s great for a group dinner. My favourite vegan option here is the mushroom one without cheese – oozing with flavour and like no other pizza I’ve had before!
Bone Daddies – Well known for their ramen and also offer a range of other dishes on the extensive menu. I tried the vegan ramen here called Tantanmen 3 (without the egg and requested the vegan broth) and it was one of the best ramens I’ve tried. I’m not usually a big ramen fan but I really enjoyed this one – a soothing winter warmer!
Dishoom – Recently introduced a vegan menu which has lots of the old favourites adapted to be vegan friendly for example the gunpowder potatoes and delicious lassis. Indian food is generally very veggie friendly and some of Dishooms dishes were already vegan, such as the popular okra fries and vada pau. I would love to see a vegan version of their amazing chai and house black daal soon!
Dishoom Chai
Asia de Cuba – Well know for its memorable, retro decor and delicious Asian inspired Cuban food. The service here is outstanding and they are great at catering for different dietary requirements.
Asia de Cuba quinoa salad
Bon appétit!

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