The JKS restaurant group behind dining wonders, including Hoppers, Bao and Trishna, continue to take over London opening restaurants each offering unique dining experiences. Brigadiers is one of the newer members of the family and it certainly lives up to the high standards JKS have set.

The club-house style restaurant specialises in fancy, BBQ Indian food and is located perfectly in Bank for the city folk who enjoy a good beer (Brigadiers also offers their very own draft beer), delicious Indian food and the option of watching live sports. The restaurant is split into areas, including private dining rooms, outdoor seating, a room with a pool table and TVs dedicated to sports. Free flowing Sundays is one of Brigadiers specialties and includes a day of viewing live sport and the option of playing pool or card games inspired by the army bars of India where regiments go to socialise.

From a quick glance at the menu, vegans clearly aren’t the target market at Brigadiers, however there is a good selection of vegetarian dishes to choose from and dishes that can be adapted to be vegan friendly.  The service here is brilliant and the best I’ve had in a long time. I emailed beforehand to ask about vegan dishes and was provided with a list which made the experience less daunting (every vegetarian knows what it’s like to arrive at a restaurant and frantically try to pick the vegetarian/vegan dishes on the menu or start planning what can be altered). Our waitress Karolina was wonderful and clearly explained which dishes could be adapted.

Vegan friendly dishes ( I was provided with this list by the restaurant beforehand):

Lotus root chaat
Smoked Aubergine missi roti
Veg Sizzler (can be adapted)
Wood roast Aubergine
Wild mushroom biryani .
Cucumber salad
Tomato salad.
Arbi tokhri chaat ( no yogurt)


Lotus root chaat – the perfect combination of crunchy and sweet. I’d really recommend ordering this as a snack/nibble while you glance over the tempting menu. We liked it so much we re-ordered it.


Smoked aubergine missi roti (without yoghurt) – this was smaller than I expected (I expected a larger roti rather than small canapés style ones) but I was not disappointed with the flavour. The mushy aubergine was delicious and reminded me of pau bhaji.


Veg sizzler (paneer can be swapped for other vegetables). Smoky and sizzling – this is the BBQ style food the restaurant is known for. It included flavourful onions, cauliflower, mushrooms and beetroot chops along with a fresh, coriander chutney. I enjoyed this as an accompaniment to the biryani. It’s large and perfect for sharing.




Wild mushroom biryani (without the puff pastry top) – I love mushrooms and biryani so this was a win for me. Its topped with beautifully golden fried onions and is a good accompaniment to other dishes, ideally sauce based ones. Again, this is a large portion so it’s great for sharing.



Overall I had a lovely dining experience here and was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed the vegan options.  It’s a great spot for a special occasion and the staff are very welcoming and friendly. I’m already planning my next visit!


Rating: 8/10
Perfect for: a special occasion, group dinner
Price: Around £80-120 for 2 people


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