The Waffle House

I came to The Waffle House for a friend’s birthday brunch last Saturday and it was a fantastic start to the weekend. The restaurant is located in St Albans, just outside of London. It conveniently has a large car park and since it’s quite difficult to reach by public transport, this is very helpful!

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Our table for six was in a small room that had a country cottage vibe with low ceilings. The main seating area is much larger and had covering over it to keep the lovely British weather out. This area is usually open in the summer.

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The waffle centred menu keeps everyone happy by including savoury and sweet options as well as breakfast items and smoothies. The specials board had a selection of appetising choices making the decision of what to have even more difficult. I really did struggle due to the tempting but boldly flavoured savoury options and the early hour but I didn’t let it being 10am stop me!

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We opted for savoury and sweet to ensure we left with zero regrets.

Savoury waffles:

The waffles can be made plain or wholemeal. I went for the healthier wholemeal option which I would recommend because once the waffle is covered in toppings or sauce, it really doesn’t make much difference!

Special – wholemeal waffle, butternut squash, rocket, feta, pine nuts and salad verde dressing. Delicious! I really enjoyed this. Initially I thought this may be a bit much for the morning but it went down a treat.

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Hummus and avocado – Waffle with a generous scoop of hummus, avocado, tahini, rocket, olive oil and olives drizzled with sweet chilli sauce. This was a great! Another waffle I’d definitely have again.

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Cheese sauce and mushroom – Waffle with cheddar cheese sauce with button mushrooms sautéed in shoyu. Tasty but it was a bit sickly so it may be good to share this one unless you’re a big cheese sauce fan. This was my least favourite out of the selection we tried.

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Sweet waffles:

Chocolate and nut– wholemeal waffle with warm chocolate sauce and crushed hazelnuts with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Great combo and the winning waffle for me.

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Banana and chocolate – Waffle with banana and chocolate sauce.


Summary: A lovely place to indulge in delicious waffles in winter or summer. The diverse menu has something for all waffle lovers and the coffee here is really good too. Well-presented dishes, relaxed ambience and very good service. The Waffle House is a popular place so be prepared to wait for a table!

Reservations: No reservations except evening bookings can be made for tables of four or more from 5.30pm on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. 
St Albans, AL3 4SJ
Perfect for: B
reakfast, lunch or dinner with friends/family.


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