Bob Bob Ricard

Bob Bob Ricard, the restaurant known for bringing a taste of eccentric Russian dining and a ‘Press for Champagne’ button to London, had been on my never ending list of restaurants to try for a while. I was very excited when a few friends suggested we treat ourselves to a fancy catch up dinner here. The restaurant has received reviews as sparkly as its décor and is typically associated with the cliché Instagram posts of the ‘Press for Champagne’ button or the signature chocolate glory dessert (gold chocolate bomb). These are some of the restaurants photo-worthy specialities so they definitely deserve the InstaFame. Sadly I don’t think the BBR pies have got enough credit or photo-shoot opportunities! Who doesn’t love a good pie!?

Initially I did think there wouldn’t be a vast vegetarian selection which was confirmed when I viewed the menu online. However, this didn’t deter me. I was expecting this knowing both English and Russian cuisines tend to be quite meat orientated but as most veggies know-there is always that one vegetarian option. Surprisingly this time there were three and it was not the usual goats cheese tart. Yay!

We were welcomed by a friendly suited and booted doorman who showed us inside where you immediately get a sense of the great Gatsby style and art deco touch. This was just a taste of the glitz that was to follow that evening.

Bob Bob Ricard oozed an eccentric and stylish dining experience with a unique Russian and English menu. The restaurant décor had a deep red hue with a 1920/30s feel comparable to a high end Russian railway carriage. The dim lighting, lavish tables and sparkling mosaic tiles indicate you’re in for a one of a kind meal and that it was.

The button- The ‘Press for Champagne’ button essentially calls your server. Slightly disappointing. I was expecting a bit more from this but if you want more champagne, it does the job by calling a waiter or waitress to top up your glass.

Champagne & Truffle Humble Pie-
Mushrooms Pecorino, Leek, Black Truffle, Pearl Barley and Champagne. I’m always a bit wary of food that contains alcohol because it can be overpowering but I really enjoyed this. Delicious flavours with a hint of champagne and not as heavy as I expected it to be. I know it’s a hearty pie but pearl barley is a healthy grain full of vitamins so I didn’t feel too guilty indulging in this! The delicious pie crust had the symbolic BBR on it which was a very nice touch-can’t forget where you’re dining!
Mixed Salad- An average side salad.
Truffled mash potato- Clearly I like truffle and was impressed with this. You could taste the hint of truffle through the soft creamy mash potato and it was great with the pie.

It’s fair to say I was all truffled out after this meal, but a happy veggie.


I know you’ve been waiting for this…

BBR Signature Chocolate Glory– Chocolate Jivara Mousse, Chocolate Brownie, Berries and Passion fruit and Orange Jelly.

I bet your mouths are watering and as a chocoholic mine certainly was when I read the description. This chocolate golden ball has been the centre of a lot of social media attention so I had to see what all the fuss was about.

The waitress poured a warm rich chocolate sauce over the sparkly gold chocolate ball causing it to slowly melt and reveal the brownie and passion fruit and orange jelly inside. Yes, it was just as indulgent as it looks! Was it worth the £12.50 price tag? Not so sure, but it was a fun sweet ending to the meal.

Overall I enjoyed my experience at this stylish Soho restaurant. Often at fancy restaurants I leave disappointed with the limited vegetarian choice topped off with a hefty bill. Arguably the choice was slightly limited but I was pleasantly surprised with my meal in terms of flavour, especially with the pie so I can’t complain. As expected this isn’t a weekly dinner spot due to the price, but the whole experience was worth it for a treat night. The lavish décor and elegant touch is memorable and I would definitely recommend Bob Bob Ricard for a special occasion to my fellow veggies (especially if you like truffle).

Reservations: I booked online via the website.
Perfect for: A special occasion, date night.
Location: 1 Upper James Street, Soho.
Price: Approximately £50-60.
Rating: 7/10


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